WORKSHOP – 09.01.2021

New Ways Leading Construction Personnel Up Skills and Up Scaling process

Many of us stepping at “T” career junction when we have been in construction industry for few projects. The main reason is usually caused by the time and works constraint of daily project task that we are responsible on it. Without knowing time and duration, that has been into a position in construction projects for five years after we have completed two project without improvement in our career development.

During project execution period, due to time is essence in project completion, it is almost impossible for us to have window time for self improvement in construction industry other than learn by the existing experience at the project site. In order to resolve this constraints, We Lyuan Projects gratefully provided with you the learning path ANNUAL PROGRAM  based on our more than 20 years experiences in construction industry in less than RM 1.00 / day for enlightening your construction project implementation to penetrate your skills in project site at any place and time from Our’s web portal.

We provide with you complete process of construction project in PLANNING, IMPLEMENT & MANAGING by using Our’s Project Value of TCQS, 5M’s and 5C’s that most efficient in ensuring the successful for delivering in Construction Project as being focusing by us in this industry.

If today, for those who is uncertainty in direction, looking for improvement, skills and knowledge be it in individual or company needs, That has been SURE that, we will be your choice of selection in materialized YOUR NEEDS for reducing NON PERFORMANCE of individual or company project team.

AS,  We prepare REAL CONSTRUCTION PLATFORM that your able to be accessed ANYTIME, ANYWHERE as GUIDE & LEARNING PATH to IMPROVE your CAREER PATH in construction industry.  Moreover our more than 20 years experience in Construction Project in various housing, residential till the commercial and industry projects.

JOIN US TODAY !!! By subscribing our program for leading way of  success in TIME, COST QUALITY and SAFETY. This success will bring your project success and continuing of your career success too. 

Contact Us today at [email protected] OR what-apps in “CHAT” with us for sustainable construction learning process.




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